about us
About Us

Pancava.com is a major affiliate network with thousands of programs throughout several verticals: tourism, high-tech, finance strengthened by a network of over 100.000 publishers.

Pancava.com offers high-performance, innovative tools to manage advertising campaigns as well as a customized partner relationship management to create long term added value and maximize ROI.

Pancava.com is one of the leading actors in multi-channel advertising. By working closely with top brands and worldwide advertising agencies, the group has acquired a solid reputation and extensive background in Performance Advertising, Internet Marketing and Revenue Optimization.

Our data analysis and digital analytics tools help marketers work smarter and drive better results.

We use data, technology and artificial intelligence to improve brands’ marketing measurement, automate repetitive tasks and launch advanced data-science use cases.

Marketing ROI measurement

Using the latest developments in machine learning, our marketing measurement tool goes further than all existing solutions.
We provide single source of truth which accurately measures the progress of all marketing activities and other factors impacting business goals, for the first time