An affiliate network can be seen as a mediator between advertisers and affiliates (you can think of it like a "bank" for offers and payments). Advertisers create and distribute “offers” that are focused on a particular product. The advertiser communicates their offer to account managers at the affiliate network, along with restrictions and requirements that ensure high-quality customers based on their product. Account managers at the network will then identify the affiliates who are best suited to promote the offer.

Affiliate networks often specialize in “vertical markets” to improve the quality of the leads and sales they generate. Some span a broad range, which allows them to accept more affiliates, but also risks limiting their effectiveness. Determining quality is an important aspect of what an affiliate network does, and the more specialized the network is, the better chance they have of providing precise solutions for advertisers.

Here at, we specialize in several verticals like, Dating, iGaming, Health & Beauty and Mainstream ETC. Our account managers manage relationships with advertisers and affiliates. As an online business, affiliate networks are never truly off the clock. The support provided and capacity to connect the right offers to the right affiliates are key factors to making an affiliate network successful.

Expertise, technical knowledge, extensive network of affiliates and media buyers, great service, friendly account managers, short payment cycles, exclusive advertising offers, high payouts.

An invoice will be sent from our finance department to the email address that we have on file for you. You are requested to pay that amount to the bank account stated on the invoice. The NET payment time frame depends on the payment terms discussed with your Business Development Manager.

No, there are no costs to become an advertiser at Advertisers only pay for sales or leads that are generated by our affiliates.

We work with all business entities including entrepreneurships and sole proprietorships. Sadly enough, we can’t work with private individuals. Additionally, you will have to provide the document that proves your status as well as for your Tax Id / VAT Id in order to work with us.

Some offers are restrictive on certain type of traffic. You can check it in the offer description after sign up. In general, we accept any type of traffic from all countries, except fraudulent, bot and incent traffic.

All leads and sales are monitored and tracked through our tracking system.

Your account can be suspended for being inactive or for fraudulent activity. You can solve the first issue contacting your account manager or sending us an email.
If your account was suspended for fraudulent activity, contact us with traffic proofs.

Yes, we accept international publishers that have proven experience in Affiliate Marketing.